Seven Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Twitter Followers (Bots)

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Many businesses prefer to buy fake twitter followers for their account. They do so to gain social credibility in a short time at low costs. Twitter bots are easy to buy from platforms like Fiverr and similar websites. It can cost between $5 and $10 to buy 1K followers. Although it sounds a good deal, these bots have lots of negative effects. In this article, we will discuss the top reasons you shouldn’t use these bots for any business account.

Twitter bots are useless

When it comes to twitter followers, bots are useless. Regardless of their count, they will buy nothing from your business. In addition, they will never click on any link you share or interact with your content. In other words, they will add no value beside manipulating the follower metric.

They can be easily spotted

Anyone can distinguish between real twitter accounts and the fake ones. Twitter bots usually follow thousands of accounts besides having few followers. In addition, they rarely have any meaningful tweets. Instead, they may have few retweets for unpopular twitter accounts. Further, these accounts are usually fresh ones (created within few weeks or months). Finally, these bots will never respond to any mention or message.

Low engagement rate

I once came across a twitter account with more than 1M followers. All the videos that this account shared have a low view count (around 100 or 200 views). When I checked a sample of their followers, I found that all of them were bots. Having millions of bots in your account will never increase the engagement rate for your posts. Further, the low engagement rate (like video view count) can be a sign that most of the followers are fake.

They have a short lifetime

Twitter have designed an algorithm to fight these bots. According to NDTV, this algorithm helped them to suspend around 1M account per day. For this reason, these bots will not last for more than a month in any twitter account. We have worked with a client who purchased thousands of bots for their twitter account. All these bots were detected and suspended within 6 days.

Negative effect on the brand image

Imagine following an account with 100K followers then finding it the next day having only 10 or 20 followers. Such a fast drop in follower metric can have long last effects on brand credibility. In addition, your competitors may take screenshots for these incidents and use it whenever needed.

Excluded from the search engines

Google penalize Twitter accounts that have a high portion of fake followers. Google has developed its own algorithm to determine whether or not the account followers are authentic. In addition, Google’s algorithm seems to be more efficient than Twitter’s one.

Drop in visibility

Not only Google that penalizes accounts with fake followers, Twitter also penalize them. Once Twitter discover these bots in any account, the whole account will not be visible anymore. Although the account can still tweet, retweet, and interact with other users, most of these activities will be invisible to other users. To know if an account got penalized, search for it in Twitter using its username. If it didn’t appear in the search result, then it means it got penalized. It is also said that those accounts that are usually engaged with accounts that have fake followers may be penalized.


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